MasterCard Credit Card Its Breakthrough in Denmark

MasterCard Credit Card Its Breakthrough in Denmark

MasterCard Europe has achieved growth of 130 percent. in Danish Super Markets, acceptance of international payment. It shows brand new figures published by PBS. And it is just now, when independent studies show that almost half (48 percent) of Denmark’s map of all users will essentially be able to pay with international credit cards when shopping in Danish supermarkets

The strong growth in the use of MasterCard

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Is driven by the fact that three of Denmark’s four largest supermarket chains have begun to receive international payment. Both Coop and SuperBest now accept MasterCard in all their stores. The Spar chain has already accepted MasterCard ® in a number of stores, and several other major chains will follow suit.

According to a survey recently conducted in Northern Europe’s largest shopping mall, the mall, in Copenhagen, more than half of all cardholders in Denmark want more opportunities to pay with international credit cards. In addition, the study shows that 41 percent. of the Danish cardholders to choose stores in that they can pay with international credit cards.

This proportion is even higher among shopping center foreign customers

“We are pleased that we have now reached this high level of acceptance of our cards in Denmark. It is a milestone, which means that MasterCard card users now much more than before are able to enjoy the speed, comfort and security associated with using international credit cards for daily purchases – and while traveling abroad. With the flexible MasterCard, both of which can be used for debit and credit card purchases, it becomes much possible for us to effectively meet our customers’ needs, says Carlos Rodriguez, who is the CEO and Head of Sales, Developed Markets, in MasterCard.

More than a third of the Danish stores already accept international credit cards such as MasterCard. For PBS, the goal is for two out of three stores to be on our side. The new Credit Card Act, which last year resulted in the erosion of fees on international credit cards, has led to many more stores now accepting MasterCard. Today, there are more than 38,000 retail outlets in Denmark that accept payment with international credit cards.

It is gratifying to see this growing acceptance of credit cards in the market

It is gratifying to see this growing acceptance of credit cards in the market

More than two million Danes now have an international debit card. And this development has a much greater flexibility for customers at home, and a higher level of service to tourists. Studies also show that nearly 60 percent. of tourists visiting Denmark, want to use an international credit card in Danish supermarkets. And they have the following now marked better opportunities, says Jens Damgaard, head of short sales at PBS A / S.

Over the summer, a campaign has been conducted to inform consumers about the much better and expanded opportunities to apply for a MasterCard payment in supermarkets, stores and restaurants in smaller.

Throughout Europe, there are now 7.7 million payment sites accepting MasterCard, while the Maestro® card can now be used to pay 6.5 million merchants in Europe.